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Dreamworld / China By: Tatiana Gorilovsky


Dreamworld / China By: Tatiana Gorilovsky

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Noragami goods!

So, so cute!!!

I think I bought every single thing that had Yukine’s face on (^ω^)

Now I’ve got something I want to protect. It’s you.

 Every time I watch the scene from the first and last gif, and I see the happiness on Toothless and Hiccup’s faces, it makes me cry. And I’ll tell you why:

 No matter what Hiccup said or how hard he tried to be accepted, no one ever heard him. No one ever cared about what he wanted or how he was feeling. Everyone in the village considered him a weakling who couldn’t do anything right, and that includes his own father.

 But everything changed when he met Toothless.

That’s right. He finally found someone who would stay by his side and wouldn’t judge him. It was thanks to their forbidden friendship that he was able to realize how strong and smart he actually was, and how being different from the other vikings was nothing to be ashamed of.

 And Toothless did not only gain the ability to fly again. He went from being an aggressive and solitary dragon, to one who could show its friendly and playful nature. He also became one of the first dragons to understand and become friends with a human. A human who would turn into his exceptional partner and would have tons of adventures with him.

 I seriously love this movie.